Top 25 Best Selling Blades of 2017: #2 Kershaw Al Mar AM-4

TOP 25 BEST SELLING BLADES OF 2017: #2 Kershaw Al Mar AM-4
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Al Mar had one of the most storied careers in the knife industry. He was an officer in the American Special Forces during the Vietnam War, a master of martial arts, and, after returning from the war to become head of design at Gerber, went on to pioneer the modern tactical folder at the helm of his own company, Al Mar Knives.

His production knives pushed the limits of quality, performance, and price at the time. Since he passed away in 1992, Al Mar Knives has continued to dutifully produce his most enduring designs, but their premium prices have kept the knives out of most pockets.

Enter the Kershaw Al Mar Series, which was unveiled at SHOT Show in January. Four classic Al Mar designs, one featherweight neck knife and three framelock folders have been modernized, with sculpted G10 handles, SpeedSafe flippers, and deep carry pocket clips. tells us sales of the series has been strong, but the AM-4, a slightly larger version of Al Mar’s iconic Falcon design has been the run away best seller.

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The TOP 25 Best Selling Blades of 2017 is based on a ranking of year-to-date dollar sales per day of all non-kitchen cutlery at The Virginia-based dealer stocks the largest catalog of cutlery in the world and serves the most diverse customer base of any knife retailer.

We chose to remove knives available only at from consideration. Exclusives that would have otherwise made the list include:
the HAP40 Spyderco Delica in Mahogany Pakkawood
the HAP40 Spyderco Endura in Mahogany Pakkawood
the s35vn Orange Southard Positron
the s35vn Tanto Andre De Villiers Beast Flipper
the Svord Peasant Knife Exclusives

Certain knives available for pre-order, namely the ZT 0055, Benchmade 87, and DPx HEST/F Urban were also purposefully excluded even though based on pre-orders it’s clear they are among the year’s most popular.

Knife featured in image: Kershaw Al Mar AM-4

#25 Benchmade Freek
#24 ESEE-CL1 Cleaver
#23 Kershaw Reverb
#22 Condor Primitive Bush Knife
#21 We Knife Co. 708 Karambit Flipper
#20 Gerber Center-Drive
#19 Steel Will Cutjack
#18 Mora Companion
#17 Spyderco Polestar
#16 Microtech Tachyon III
#15 CRKT Snap Lock
#14 Cold Steel Knives Steel Tiger Karambit
#13 Spyderco Chaparral Raffir Noble
#12 TOPS El Chete
#11 Schrade Manilla Balisong
#10 Spyderco Lil’ Nilakka
#09 SOG Baton Q2
#08 Olamic Wayfarer 247
#07 CRKT Pilar
#06 Benchmade Proper
#05 Zero Tolerance 0850
#04 BRS Replicant
#03 Buck 110 Auto
#02 Kershaw Al Mar AM-4
#01 Spyderco Para 3