TOPS Brings Out Karambit-Inspired Quickie

TOPS is rolling out one of the first products of 2019, the Quickie. Designed as a backup option in dangerous scenarios, the Quickie leverages a karambit-style finger ring in a different way than other knives do.

The Quickie is a tiny knife, with a double-edged micro hawkbill blade. The primary cutting edge measures 1.13 inches, with a slightly longer secondary edge that’s 1.5 inches long. Despite its size and accessible price point (MSRP $90), the Quickie probably wouldn’t be TOPS’ first recommendation for a daily user knife. “To an extent a knife is a knife, so it’ll cut,” the company’s Craig Powell tells us. “But this one was designed for the specific purpose of a weak hand backup weapon.”

Originally drawn up with law enforcement in mind, the Quickie is optimized for self-defense – specifically, for use as an off-hand weapon that still leaves the hand open and thus able to manipulate things in a high-intensity situation. “The design makes it so the user can still use his/her hand without dropping the knife or trying to resheath it,” Powell explains. “Both of those options are bad if you’re in the middle of a physical altercation.”

That’s where the finger ring comes in. Just last week Powell spoke to us about TOPS’ desire to bring more karambit designs and elements into their lineup. However, the application on the Quickie stands apart from traditional karambits. “On this knife [the finger ring] doesn’t work like a normal karambit because it’s on the third finger,” Powell tells us. “You put your third finger away from the blade through the ring (your middle finger if in a reverse grip).” This gives the user the ability to use their forefinger and thumb if necessary without putting the Quickie away. “The position of the hole and the nub after the hole, hold the knife in place while still allowing the user to hold other objects and use their hand for other things while the knife stays put.”

The 2.5 oz. Quickie comes with a Kydex sheath, designed for carry on a belt. Like many TOPS knives it comes with a few customization options: customers can choose to add serrations or swap the standard black coating for a camo finish. It is available now.

Knife in Featured image: TOPS Quickie