TOPS Dicer Kitchen Knife Set Finally Arrives

After first showing up on the radar in 2019, the full TOPS Dicer Set has arrived at last. These knives comprise the first full line of kitchen knives from TOPS and can be purchased in multiple different ways.

On one level, the Dicer Set encompasses a very standard set of kitchen knives. You have a chef’s knife with an 8-inch blade, a 3-inch paring knife, a 7-inch serrated bread knife, and 4-inch steak knives available in serrated and plain edge versions.

So far, so standard. But then there’s the 10-inch Slicer, a big blade that we described as a “kitchen sword” when we first saw it at SHOT 2019 – and for good reason: with its broad drop point blade and suitably beefed up ergonomics, the Slicer looks almost like an outdoors fixed blade, something that would be used to chop brush on a jungle trek; in other words, like a conventional TOPS offering. That being said, it is actually designed to work with meat and other big culinary cutting endeavors, and with its comparatively thin blade stock of .09″ should be well up to the task.

Despite their various sizes and applications, all the knives in the Dicer set have a few things in common. Blade steel across the board is S35VN. This makes sense for knives that will be working in and around the various acidic and corrosive fluids in foodstuff. A tumbled finish should nudge the corrosion resistance factor up a little higher as well.

Ergonomics, in keeping with the kitchen knife tradition, are very simple: all the knives in the line have the same simple bracket handle shape, and the same black and blue G-10 scales – available in a standard texture or with the topographical Rocky Mountain Tread pattern instead.

It took the Dicer set a little longer to arrive than expected. In fact, the Dicer XXX, a sort of beefed up spin-off blade, appeared at the beginning of the year, ahead of the core Dicer set.

And although it is called a Dicer “set,” each of the knives is available to be purchased separately. All of them are available now.

Knife in Featured Image: TOPS Dicer 7 Bread Knife