TOPS Knives Launches Two Curvaceous New Blades

With yesterday’s announcement of the Quick Skin and Fiel, TOPS Knives just added some interesting twists and turns to their line-up. TOPS President and CEO Leo Espinoza has designed more than his fair share of models (including the popular Power Eagle and Mini Scandi 2.5) as he’s progressed up the ranks of the company.  He has expanded on this large and diverse portfolio with two curvaceous new blades intended for sportsmen and law enforcement officers.

TOPS Quick Skin
The TOPS Knives Quick Skin is a skinner, thoughtfully designed with the hardcore hunter in mind. Whether to skin, gut, or butcher, the endless ergonomic options allow the user to calibrate the precision, strength, and power needed for the job. Because of the combination of a pronounced belly, the extreme recurve of the spine, and the height of the blade, the Quick Skin should perform precision slicing comparable to an Alaskan Native Ulu knife. For chocking up on the business end of the knife, Espinoza imagined a second array of jimping ahead of the recurve that will provide some index finger resistance.

Index Finger Jimping on TOPS Knives Quick Skin

You’re not going to lose a firm grip on the handle either, even in bloody or adverse weather conditions. To make sure, TOPS Knives chose to outfit the Quick Skin with a G-10 dragonfly tread and an ergonomic finger choil / handle groove combo. The choice of 1095 carbon steel will ensure clean slashes and chops, and still hold an edge even after lengthy game processing sessions.

Adjustable TOPS Knives Quick Skin Sheath

TOPS Knives doesn’t ignore corrosion resistance. This sweeping 3.5″ blade is finished with a clear Cerakote. Add an adjustable kydex sheath and the knife offers a package of benefits that make the Quick Skin an unmitigated hunting companion.

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In Spanish, Fiel means “Faithful or Accurate.” Espinoza took this to heart when designing this unorthodox double-edged knife. The Fiel is made from a single piece of tumble-finished 1095 steel, with a 3″ blade balanced for rapid deployment, and intended for slicing, slashing, and stabbing. The wide, recurved blade shape will be a challenge for opponents to evade.

TOPS Knives Fiel in Hand

Like most last-ditch defensive blades, the Fiel is primarily designed as a neck knife, but can also be worn on the belt with a Tek-Lok owing to its slim profile and light weight. The skeletonized handle offers the user a paracord wrapping option.

Both knives are already available for sale on the TOPS Knives website and will start shipping out to leading dealers in July.

Knife featured in image: TOPS Knives Quick Skin