TOPS VI Ax Reignites the Viking Spirit

The new VI Ax from TOPS Knives takes on an ancient Nordic styling that hearkens back to the Viking Age. It’s the latest bladed implement to come from the mind of TOPS Knives President and CEO Leo Espinoza. Espinoza is also responsible for TOPS’ last two releases, the Quick Skin and the Fiel. Those blades are quick and nimble, but the VI Ax is a different animal altogether: big, heavy, and brutal.

“This thing is a beast that people have been asking for,” says Craig Powell, Marketing Director at TOPS. The VI Ax was built from the ground up to withstand major use and abuse. With an overall length of 15.25” and weighing in at just under 2.4 lbs., the VI Ax is one of the heaviest and longest-edged axes on the TOPS menu.

TOPS Knives VI Ax

The VI Ax has a 5.25” main edge and a doubled-edged spike on the reverse side for heavy duty puncturing. They leverage the weight of the VI Ax, as well the structural stability of its single-piece construction. TOPS decided to swap out 1095 carbon steel, originally used on the prototype, in favor of 1075 because it is more resistant to the impact shock this chopping machine can generate. TOPS Knives deferentially heat treats the steel, further enhancing the VI Ax’s long term durability.

TOPS offers the VI Ax with black linen Micarta scales, and a leather sheath is included. Customers have the option of a polished blade, as well as the addition of O-rings around the handle for added traction. The VI Ax is now available directly from TOPS and is on its way to leading dealers.

Featured in image: TOPS VI Ax