TOPS Teams Up with Survival Show Star for Little Bugger

TOPS is rolling out the Little Bugger, an all-arounder in an unusual size category. The knife also represents a new collaboration partner in survival show star Matt Graham, and continued experimentation with blade shapes in the TOPS lineup.

The business end of the Little Bugger is comprised of a 2.38-inch wharncliffe blade. This is an uncommon blade shape for a TOPS product, but the company’s Craig Powell tells us the Little Bugger offers the same wide-ranging utility as other knives in their catalog. “A lot of cutting tasks can be done with small knives.” Even traditional ‘big knife’ tasks aren’t out of the Little Bugger’s reach; it can tackle feather sticking, wood working, notching, and more. TOPS’ go-to 1095 carbon steel provides an adequate blend of edge retention and toughness for these kind of chores.

Powell also points out that on top of these tasks the Little Bugger will handle EDC-style chores better than larger knives. Cutting cord, opening packages, and even some minor food prep are squarely in the Little Bugger’s wheelhouse. “The short, straight edge and pointy tip give you really good precision for most cutting tasks.”

TOPS Little Bugger

The Little Bugger’s short blade means that it can pack in a sizable, ergonomic handle while maintaining a small footprint. “The overall length even in the sheath is only about 6.25 inches,” Powell notes. “Everything on it is thin, and it weighs about a quarter of a pound. So it’s not going to take up a lot of room on someone’s belt.” The Little Bugger’s Kydex sheath comes with a clip, which means it can be attached to a belt and carried in a way familiar to folding knife users.

Designer Matt Graham, who has appeared on the Discovery Channel shows Dual Survival and Dude, You’re Screwed, knows what traits a knife needs to earn a spot at your side. His expertise brought TOPS around to the Little Bugger’s uncharacteristic wharncliffe design. “We’re not opposed to wharncliffes, they just haven’t quite been ‘our thing,’” Powell explains. But the stars aligned with Graham’s design. He married the blade shape, very popular in folders, to a viable fixed blade design. “We’ve been wanting to work with Matt for a while now, and we liked his idea for the design and why he had it the way he did, so it was a timing thing.”

Knife featured in image: TOPS Little Bugger