Toucan Leads Bestech’s Major Product Expansion

Bestech is releasing the Toucan, its latest mid-sized hard-use folder. The industry newcomer tells us the Toucan is the shape of things to come and to expect a full year with dozens of additional new models.

The Toucan sports a medium-length modified tanto blade that emphasizes a particular type of high-performance cutting. Bestech has tried its hand at more simple EDC-style blade shapes, but they aimed for something more specialized with the Toucan. With such an angular look it would be easy to assume the blade is meant for show and not work. But according to the company they purposely drew up this knife with demanding cutting tasks in mind. “This blade shape is used for tactical and hard uses,” explains Bestech’s Solina.

Hard-wearing D2 steel synergizes with this performance specification, as do the hardy sculpted G-10 scales and easy-to-operate liner lock. Bestech may be new to the scene, but they’re already falling in step with the market’s demand for variety. Almost all of their releases come in multiple colorations, and the Toucan will be no exception. In typical Bestech fashion, we can expect several colors on offer once the knife debuts. “There will be four colors: Black, Beige, Green, and Orange,” Solina says.

Bestech burst onto the scene in 2017 and started to gain steam in a crowded market. There’s no doubt they have a lot of ground to cover compared to their competitors, but Solina says the company will be working hard to make a name for itself with a massive release schedule for this year. “We plan to have around 20-30 new styles for this year,” says Solina. “For now, we’re making 10 new styles, which will be all finished before June.”

In the fall the releases will keep coming. Until now Bestech has relied on its in-house design team to keep the stream of products flowing. Solina tells us the company views their homegrown talent as a major asset. “I think our key strength is our designing ability and manufacturing ability,” she says. “We have a very strong design and production team that have been in the knife industry [as an OEM] for over 10 years.” However, 2018 will mark the year of some major collaborations as well. “We are also collaborating with some famous designers, and if everything confirmed, we will have some new samples shown at the Blade Show.”

Knife featured in image: Bestech Knives Toucan