Tuya Knife Partners up with Two International Designers

Tuya Knife dropped a pair of releases this month, showcasing the work of two new collaborators. These first time partnerships resulted in a knife duo that couldn’t be more different, with one EDC folder and one tactical knife on the way.


The MAS comes from the mind of Dutch high-end knife maker Martin Annegarn. Annegarn has been in the business for 20 years and this marks his first-ever production collaboration. The name MAS is an acronym that stands for Martin Annegarn Streetlegal, and it’s an attempt to create a folder that falls within the limits of most countries’ knife laws.

The MAS’s gentlemanly spear point blade measures 2.6 inches long; made from M390 steel, it’ll hold an edge for a long time in its intended role as a stylish EDC knife. In accordance with its legally-focused design, the MAS is not a locking knife. However, instead of a slipjoint spring, it uses a double-detent system to remain safely open and closed. A premium Tuya relief, its liners are made from decorative titanium, and its scales are pieces of contoured desert ironwood.


Italy’s Alessandra De Santis is back with another tactical fixed blade design. The Aswang is a karambit through and through, with a 2.56-inch hawkbill blade and large finger ring on the butt end. De Santis’s taste for bold angles comes through on the Aswang’s profile, with its squared-off finger guard and octagonal ring shape.

The reverse side of the Aswang and its sheath

While the MAS is a mid-to-high-end production piece, a member of Tuya’s Titan series, the Aswang enters production under their budget line, made from wallet-friendly materials: D2 blade steel and G-10 scales. The scales are completely removable, and nested against one another so that there are no thread holes left on the knife’s frame once they’re taken off. The Aswang comes with a Kydex sheath and weighs 6.8 oz. total (that is, with the scales on and the sheath included).

Knife in Featured Image: Tuya Knife MAS