TW Brands Fiberglass Blades an Interesting Trade-Off

The idea was born out of Travis Wilson’s need for rust-resistant equipment. Living in Florida, the soon-to-be founder of TW Brands needed tools that could stand up to moisture and humidity everyday. Why not address the problem by fabricating knives entirely out of G-10? When Wilson couldn’t come up with an answer he launched the company. The popular handle material won’t rust, but it is also lighter than steel and non-metallic, so it won’t set off any metal detectors. The strength of a laminate also offers satisfactory piercing capabilities.

TW Brands G-10 Fixed Blade

How well does G-10 hold an edge? The knives can cut things like tape and cardboard without any noticeable dulling. Expect to get about 5-6 passes cutting paracord before dulling the blades. When a TW Brands knife does need to be sharpened, the G-10 blade is easier to sharpen than a steel one. “You don’t need any certain technique to get it sharp,” says Wilson. To avoid inhaling toxic dust when sanding the edge, be sure to wear a face mask in a well ventilated area.

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“I always tell my customers ‘Don’t think this is going to replace your steel knives,’ because it won’t,” Wilson says. The knives were purpose-built for concealment and self-defense. Even TW Brands’ first folding knife was designed with these ends in mind; it was a friction folder with specially-made, non-metallic Teflon hardware which held the knife together. “I want to allow my customers to be wolves in sheeps’ clothing,” Wilson tells us.

TW Brands Friction Folder

Wilson’s unconventional knives have met with their share of resistance. His own father, who was a knife maker at Randall Made Knives, didn’t consider them ‘real’ knives for a long time. But Wilson persevered: “A knife is a point and an edge and a handle,” he says. Eventually Wilson, with the help of Michael Randall, convinced his father of the TW Brands knives’ practicality. Now his dad carries one every day.

Wilson plans to make knives from more traditional materials – eventually. For now he is working on a metal-free locking mechanism for a new folding knife design. TW Brands knives are built to order by Travis Wilson, and comes with a custom Kydex sheath (with no metallic eyelets, of course). There are 27 different models to choose from.

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