Two Old Pros Deliver New Models to We Knife Co.

Two new We Knife Co. reveals are a pair of mid- to large-size knives from two well-known talents. Custom maker Ray Laconico returns for his first new We design since the Esprit, while Ben Petersen brings out the third release in his Banter series in the form of a significantly scaled up variation.


Ray Laconico is a flexible, multivalent designer with a particular line in hyper clean profiles. The Evoke feels like a conscious counterpart to the aforementioned Esprit; whereas that knife was curvaceous and organic, the Evoke is linear, slim, technical. It’s noticeably larger, too, with a drop point blade that measures 3.48 inches long. We’d still classify it as a high-end EDC – high end, because it comes with We Knife Co.’s preferred high-end super steel, CPM-20CV.

With its spare, handsome titanium handle, the Evoke brings to mind Laconico’s work under his own production label, Monterey Bay Knives. On the off-side there is a frame lock and non-reversible sculpted titanium clip, and in total the Evoke tips the scales at 3.76 oz.

Big Banter

The Banter has been a popular release since the original model debuted in 2020. It wasn’t a big knife to begin with, but it got a smaller follow-up called the Baby Banter, which shrunk edge length down to 2.34 inches. This year, designer Ben Petersen is delivering the Big Banter, a very aptly-named big brother that jumps up quite a bit in blade length – all the way up to 3.69 inches.

The Big Banter retains the ergonomic forward finger choil of the Baby Banter, and in general its handle design comes across as a direct, albeit much larger, take on that knife’s profile. The clip, too, can be reversed to either scale, which are made from G-10 or Micarta depending on which one you go for. All of the Big Banters are made from CPM-20CV steel, which makes them a more premium branch of the Banter family line.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Evoke

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