UK Charity to honor citizens behind knife amnesty bin program

“Even if only one knife is placed in a bin, it is potentially one life saved,” a community activist told the Birmingham Mail.

First introduced in 2006, UK’s knife amnesty bin programs have been expanded across the country. In Birmingham, 11 knife bins have been installed since May of 2014 with another on the way. So far, 400 knives have been deposited according to the Birmingham activist.

Knife bins are placed away from the country’s 5 million CCTV cameras so that knife deposits can be made anonymously.

Community activist UK Knife Bin

80 miles away in Nottinghamshire; Michael Manley, Police Chief Superintendent recently said that “Carrying a knife is disgraceful and it’s cowardly.”

On October 3rd, the Words for Weapons charity will be handing out 6 awards to celebrate “individuals, groups, and organizations who have made a difference”. The venue for the ceremony is a nearby soccer stadium capable of holding over 30,000 people. Nominations close tomorrow.

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