Urban EDC Supply’s Latest Model Comes from Trevor Burger

Urban EDC Supply is expanding its line of exclusive production models with their weekly drop. They’re debuting the LC, a production piece from South African knife maker Trevor Burger.

“LC” stands for “Light Compact,” which tells you all you need to know about the role this folder is meant to play: it’s a light-to-medium duty EDC. The blade measures 2.8 inches, which of course is friendly, versatile length. Clean shapes and surfaces are defining aspects of Burger’s custom work, and they’ve been carried over to this production piece. The drop point’s sterile face shows no blade markings or logos, and has been full flat ground with no unnecessary facets or ridges. Blade steel here is M390, which may be getting on in years but still earns its designation as a super steel, capable of holding an edge for a long time indeed.

The full ti LC is the “heaviest” at 2.8 oz.

Another thing Burger is well-known for is his front flippers; along with his father Fred, he was working in the format well before it became trendy. Thus the LC is a front flipper as well, with a pivot built with both washers and bearings for especially smooth deployment.

The LC’s handle falls in with the minimalist vibe, sporting only low-key grooves to guide the hand into a suitable grip. The off-side scale is made from titanium and has a frame lock, but there are choices when it comes front scale. It can be made from full titanium, titanium a Micarta inlay, or a double Micarta version, with green Micarta for the scale and black Micarta for the inlay. The expected but welcome sculpted titanium pocket clip is also present, and even the “heaviest” LC, the full ti model, earns its name with a weight of 2.8 oz.; the other versions are about a half ounce lighter than that.

The LC will be making its debut later today during Urban EDC Supply’s weekly drop, which happens at 12PM Pacific time/3pm EST. This is a preorder window, with the knives expected to ship in late 2022 or early 2023.

Knife in Featured Image: Urban EDC Supply Trevor Burger LC