Urban Sidekick Fills Gear Caddy Gap in Style

Presented by Urban EDC Supply

When it launched in 2015, Urban EDC Supply introduced a whole new way of selling gear. Instead of offering everything under the sun, the company only carries hand-picked, high-quality products. By saving buyers time and hedging their risk of ending up with a product that goes unused, Urban EDC Supply has evolved into one of the fastest growing dealers in the industry. Fuelled by the strength of their recommendations, stunning photography, and an intuitive interface, thousands of loyal buyers now visit daily.

“We only carry things that I pick out and would use myself. And I have very high standards,” company founder Yong-Soo Chung tells us. Getting a product listed on Urban EDC Supply isn’t easy – and when Chung can’t find gear that lives up to his requirements, he goes out and makes it himself. That’s how the Urban Sidekick Gear Caddy was born.

Gear caddies are growing in popularity and the Urban Sidekick hits a sweet spot in terms of size. It’s small enough to fit in a front pocket but big enough to accommodate almost any flipper knife and even many multitools. A thoughtful touch is the open-end pen slot, which makes retrieval easier. “The size of the Urban Sidekick makes it very versatile and the construction is extremely sturdy,” Chung says.

Urban Sidekick Gear Caddy

The Urban Sidekick is an ideal companion for the city-dweller or anybody that wants to carry a knife in a professional environment. The rich character of the Dublin leather construction protects your favorite tools and helps disarm blade-averse colleagues. “Even if you have a very tactical knife it hides that threatening look,” Chung says.

The Urban Sidekick is made of premium USA-sourced materials, right down to the stitching threads. The saddle-stitched leather comes from Horween Leather Company – the Chicago based tannery that also supplies the leather used to make NFL footballs. Though it would be much easier to just redistribute an inferior product, it doesn’t fit with Chung’s way of doing things and what Urban EDC Supply is all about. “The Urban Sidekick is a perfect fit for the shop, and definitely something I would carry myself,” he says.

The Urban Sidekick will be available in three different colors – Black, English Tan, and Nut Brown. The accessory will retail for $54 in June, but is available for pre-order now at an introductory price of $39. Chung says pre-orders will be fulfilled by the middle of June.