USN Gathering XIII Opens Today, Runs Over Labor Day Weekend

As hard as it may be to believe, September is here – time is, as always, moving too fast. But there’s some good news too: the 13th Annual USN Gathering begins tonight and will run over the Labor Day weekend.

The USN Gathering has always been a bit different than other knife shows. In fact, the difference is right there in the name; the Gathering has that homey, intimate vibe of a group of old friends meeting up, hanging out, and talking about their favorite hobby. The friendly drive continues even down to the way the show floor is structured; if you take a look at the floor plan you’ll see the booths set up in quads; the idea behind these quads is that new makers get paired with a couple established companies and one well-known maker. This setup helps them network, as well as potentially bring more customers their way.

We tend to think of the Gathering as a custom/collector-oriented show, but there’s always a pretty strong production presence there. This year there’s a bevy of the big players: Spyderco, WE Knife Co., Boker. Then there’s the custom maker demographic, which is as diverse as the field itself. Jared Oeser, Mick Strider, Bob Terzuola, and Erich Ochs are on the list, and many more besides. And all of this is on top of other companies and suppliers from the wider world of EDC interests.

We don’t know if any of these companies or makers will be showing off brand new models, but it’s a possibility. One thing that is for sure, is that lots of knives will be bought, and lots will be swapped at the Trader’s Cove, a real-life version of the thread of the same name on the USN forum itself (as a quick reminder, the USN show has its origins in the forum of the same name).

The Trader’s Cove opens tonight, and the first day of the USN Gathering XIII show is tomorrow, Friday, September 2nd. It runs through Saturday, September 3rd, and both show days are open from 10am – 6pm Mountain Time.

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