Victorinox Picks Outrider Model for 2017 Damast Series

Victorinox just announced the Outrider will be the 2017 choice for their exclusive Damast series. The limited edition knife reinterprets the popular outdoors multitool as a high-end collector’s piece that is among the most costly Swiss Army Knives ever produced.

The centerpiece of the Outrider Damast is the 3.4” Odin’s Eye pattern Damasteel blade. And, in place of the standard red cellidor scales, Victorinox opted for a premium wood fiber composite handle from Epicurean, a company that specializes in the material. The Victorinox emblem is inlaid onto the scales and each Outrider Damast comes with a serial number on the back of the knife.

The Outrider Damast retains most of the tools found on the 14 function standard model. Victorinox removed the toothpick, tweezers, corkscrew, and saw to keep the silhouette of this collectible version streamlined. But the company says just because it’s meant to look good on display doesn’t mean it couldn’t go into a pocket either. “The limited edition model possesses the same quality one would expect from Victorinox Swiss Army. It could be used in an outdoor setting as well as displayed in a collection,” says Victorinox’s Christopher Costa.

Victorinox Outrider Damast 2017

Victorinox has released a Damast series model each year since 2010. Last year saw their popular Pioneer X model get the VIP treatment. A much smaller knife, the Pioneer X Damast retailed for $184.99. The Outrider will set collectors back $400, rivaling the gargantuan SwissChamp XAVT as the most expensive SAK in the company’s current assortment.

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Costa says the price is in keeping with the high-end materials and rarity. “Our limited edition pieces are not inflated just because they are limited edition, but rather reflective of the special materials used.” He goes on to tell us that these Damast series models, limited to just 5,000 pieces worldwide, have historically performed very well, with last year’s Pioneer X Damast selling out in just five days. “We know the demand is there,” he says.

Victorinox expects the Outrider Damast to be available April 10th via their website.

Knife featured in image: Victorinox Outrider Damast