Victorinox Pretties up Picknicker and Adds Extra Tool for Damast LE

Victorinox keeps brand new releases to a minimum, but each year does see the company bringing out fresh limited editions and collector pieces. The latest such release to arrive is the 2022 entry in the Victorinox Damast Limited Edition series. The ’22 model is the Picknicker, which has the Damasteel blade of course, as well as special handle scales and a beefed up tool configuration to boot.

Victorinox has a complicated catalog to say the least, but here’s the quick history of the Picknicker model (for more information you can check out the heroically thorough SAKWiki). Prior to 2017, the Picknicker was a non-locking model, with the toolset of the Spartan model, but in the 111mm format. However, from 2017 onward, the Picknicker got a locking blade and replaced the 111mm Nomad model; the original Picknicker was retired alongside the Nomad.

The cheese blade is not on the standard Picknicker

Still following us? Good, because it gets a little more complicated. This Damast Picknicker is actually a little different than that standard version in terms of its tools. It has everything the full production Picknicker has, plus an additional cheese knife implement borrowed from the Cheese Master model. So it’s a bit of a unique entry in the Victorinox family even before taking the special edition materials into consideration.

The Picknicker’s blade is made from Baldur pattern Damasteel, a flavor comprised of alternating layers of wavy, cloud-like shapes punctuated with the occasional “eye.” The rest of the tools – cheese blade, bottle opener (which can lock up too), can opener, awl, corkscrew – are made from the usual Victorinox 1.4116 steel. The Picknicker scales, normally Cellidor, are here replaced with pearwood scales, which have a coffee and cream color and a very fine grain. These wood scales do preclude the inclusion of the toothpick and tweezers that the standard version comes with, so you’ll have to bring those along separately on your fancy picnics.

The 2022 Damast Picknicker, like its predecessors in the series, is a limited run. Victorinox is only producing 6,000 serially-numbered pieces worldwide.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox 2022 Damast Limited Edition Picknicker

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