Victorinox Unleashes Mega-Sized Swiss Champ XXL

Victorinox is adding a monster to the Swiss Champ line. Meet the Swiss Champ XXL, which, like its legendary predecessor the Swiss Champ XAVT, pushes at the boundaries of what is possible in the Swiss Army Knife format.

The Swiss Champ XXL is so big that it lands well outside the usual layer classifications that fans use to sort SAK models. Technically, it is built on the 91mm frame, but you’d be hard pressed to notice, because between its two scales there are a whopping 15 individual tool layers. To put that in perspective, the standard Swiss Champ – not a small SAK by any means – has only eight tool layers.

The XXL with its many, many tools unfolded

The double-digit layer count allows for an equally impressive number of tools. Victorinox says that the Swiss Champ XXL has 73 different functions, covering a huge variety of needs and purposes. There’s a fish scaler, a metal saw, tweezers, an LED light, a ruler, a pressurized ball point pen, and much, much more. All of these layers and tools create some noticeably inflated dimensions compared to the standard suite of SAKs: the Swiss Champ XXL tips the scales at 12.5 oz.

This formidable carry weight isn’t much of a practical concern for anybody in the market for this model. While it could be useful as a ‘portable toolbox,’ given its size, bombast, and price tag, the Swiss Champ XXL is really intended to be a collector’s piece – just like its obvious older brother, the Swiss Champ XAVT. The XAVT actually has more functions than the Swiss Champ XXL, and the transparent scales with added digital functionality; that being said, the Swiss Champ XXL is significantly less expensive than the XAVT.

Victorinox says that each Swiss Champ XXL is hand-assembled through a 500-step process. It isn’t a limited edition model, but does come in a snazzy little collector’s case.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox Swiss Champ XXL