Victorinox Winter Magic Model Brings New Tools to the Climber

With the clocks recently turned back, winter breathing down our necks, and just over a month to go before Christmas, it’s about the time of year for some special edition seasonal knife releases – and you know that Victorinox got in on the game. This year they’ve gone the extra mile created with the 2021 Winter Magic Climber Lite, a special run model that not only has the usual exclusive art on its scales, but is also a new model unto itself.

If you’re familiar with the “Lite” designation within Victorinox’s lineup, you know it doesn’t pertain to the weight of the model, but rather the presence of an LED flashlight as one of the included tools. That’s the case here, and it makes this release more than a collectible. In fact, the eagle eyed among you will notice that, in addition to the LED Flashlight, the Winter Magic Climber Lite is sporting another new tool: an inline, dedicated, 3D Philips head driver. These two new tools make this knife a four layer SAK, which is another big difference compared to the stock climber; indeed, the SAKwiki itself gives the Winter Magic Climber Lite its own page, and we think there’s potential to see a non-special edition released sometime in the future.

Real talk for a second: the true EDCheads out there know that the Victorinox flashlights are nothing to write home about (even if your SAK also has an included ink pen), with no real comparison to be made between thieselow lumen lights and the enthusiast-grade gadgets many of us are familiar with. However, it is still a handy backup, especially when it is part of the larger overall toolset of a knife like the Climber. Here’s a quick rundown of what you get in on top of the standout additions mentioned above: a large and small blade, can opener and bottle opener arms (each with screwdriver secondary features), the awl, package hook, and corkscrew, and the tweezer/toothpick combo most Cellidor-scale models have.

The Climber Lite is a model unto itself, more than a standard special edition

And, of course, the Cellidor scales of the Winter Magic Climber Lite are adorned with unique artwork. A serene winter night is depicted, complete with stars, snowflakes, mountains, and the moon. A crescent moon keychain is also included – and that’s one element that we don’t think will be carried forward if the Climber Lite becomes a standard model.

The Winter Magic Climber Lite is available now. It is limited to 10,000 pieces worldwide.

Knife in Featured Image: Victorinox 2021 Winter Magic Climber Lite