Virginia Switchblade Commerce Bill Passes Senate

The Virginia Switchblade Commerce Bill (SB1251) has been passed out of the State Senate and is awaiting a signature from the Governor.

SB1251’s main thrust is to amend Virginia State Law so that manufacturers,distributors, retailers within the state are allowed to possess and sell switchblades, so long as those sales are completed with parties outside of Virginia itself. The legislation aims to generate employment and profit for Virginia citizens and companies by expanding the range of products they are allowed to offer.

As the Bill blazed through Committee, Senate, and House in little over a month, it only underwent a single amendment proposed by the House. According to Knife Rights, the amendment does not impact the proposed intent of the Bill itself. The amended section now reads:

The provisions of subsection A [the portion of the Code of Virginia enumerating legal repercussions of the possession and sale of switchblades, among other items]  shall not apply to the possession of a switchblade knife by any manufacturer or distributor in the course of his employment, or any employee thereof in the course of his employment, or to the wholesale or retail sale of a switchblade knife by a manufacturer or distributor through which the switchblade knife is shipped to any person outside the Commonwealth.

On the other side of the country, the Washington State Spring Blade Ban Repeal Bill (SB 5782) has been unanimously passed out of Committee. This Bill removes “spring blades” from the Dangerous Weapons designation in Washington law and makes the possession and sale of these knives legal. Among the factors that resulted in the Bill’s successful entry into the Washington Legislative system, Knife Rights cited the particular positive impact it would have on the criminal justice system. Minorities in particular are targeted by law enforcement for the carry and use of pocket knives, and this bill could help reduce that tragic tendency somewhat.

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