Vosteed Ankylo is Debut Platform for Patented Vanchor Lock

Vosteed brought their newest project to Blade Show Texas last weekend, a model called the Ankylo. Not only is it a new design, the Ankylo is also the debut platform for a patented lock mechanism Vosteed calls the Vanchor.

From a purely visual perspective, the Ankylo has similar lines to previous Vosteed designs, but it still carves out a visual identity of its own. Utility-wise, you’ve got a user built around a modified wharncliffe blade shape, mid-sized and ready for the full spread of daily chores. Too, there’s a trio of opening options on offer: a front flipper, back flipper, opening oval – and somehow, even with all this apparatus, the blade manages to look uncluttered.

But you kind of expect the fundamentals to be dialed in on a 2024 release from an enthusiast-oriented company like Vosteed. For many, the highlight on the Ankylo will be the new Vanchor lock, the second proprietary lock in the Vosteed lineup. The Vanchor falls into the small category of pivot-based locks; after the liner is in place in the open position, closing is as simple as pressing the pivot screw like a button, disengaging the interior mechanism and loosing the blade.

Specifics of the Vanchor lock have yet to be divulged, but in the Ankylo’s teaser post Vosteed described it thus: “Using both anchor plate and a magnetic connector, our patented Vanchor lock has a build-in fail safe system.” Magnets, fail-safes – all very interesting; and all this knife tech is housed in a frag pattern, aluminum handle; on the prototype at least, the loop over pocket clip is not reversible.

Knife in Featured Image: Vosteed Anyklo

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