We Blade Recap: New Integral, Civivi Flipper, and Limited Editions

We Knife Co.‘s Blade Show showing was tight but comprehensive. Besides multiple new prototypes, the confirmed additions to their growing stable include a new integral for the main line, a new flipper for Civivi, and a fresh batch of super limited run knives that can only be seen and had during knife shows.

Anodyne Integral Folder

The Anodyne is the latest integral knife from WE. It’s on the smaller side relative to other integrals the company as produced up to this point. The real headliner on the knife is the multiple carbon fiber inlays set into the integral frame: not only are they laid into the scales, there is also a ring-shaped inlay or setting around the pivot itself.

Civivi Durus

The latest addition to the Civivi stable is the Durus, a smallish flipper knife that has the ‘tiny tank’ visual design without added bulk. The Durus’s blade measures 3 inches long, drawn as a racy drop point in the recognizable WE style. Handle scales are G-10 (available in multiple colors), and have been hit with some texturing and a sizable chamfer around the whole perimeter and across the finger groove.

We’re seeing the Civivi-standard D2 steel on the Durus, which benefits from a hollow grind and a blade-length swedge to bulk up both slicing and piercing capabilities. A stainless steel liner lock is another commonly-seen Civivi element on display in the Durus. Designed to be portable but stout, the new knife weighs 3.67 oz.

Knife Show Editions

We also brought several highly limited editions to Blade last weekend. These models brought intricate machining, and luxe materials to eye-popping designs. The company told us that these knives will only be available at knife shows, and limited to just ten pieces per model, presumably spread over the course of a year’s worth of shows. WE brought 3 of each to Blade 2019.

The Anodyne is expected to arrive shortly, and the Durus scheduled for availability within ten days.

Knife in Featured Image: