We’s Model 605 Test Batch Turns into Feeding Frenzy

We Knife Co.’s 605 is a little knife that is poised to make a big splash. Last week a test batch of the never before seen blade was quietly released for sale on Instagram. The test turned into a feeding frenzy and the entire batch sold out in little over a day. The question for We Knife Co. went from “How will the knife be received?” to “How fast can we get Model 605 to dealers?”

The 605 is We Knife Co’s smallest blade yet, and a compact tool by today’s standards. It has a 3” blade and a handle that is just under 4”. The overall look is in keeping with We’s other designs, but the 605 still manages to stand out with an aggressive look of its own. The modified drop point shape has a big, striking swedge, a forward finger choil, and a two-tone finish that is becoming a signature detail for We Knife Co.’s blades. The curve in the spine can function as a resting place for a thumb during hard cutting, and the S35VN blade steel will get a lot of cutting done before it needs touching up.

The 605 is a flipper, but it also takes an interesting approach to the thumb cutout. The hole is set within a concave recess on the blade face and has a unique, half-oval, half-round circle shape. This gives the knife a distinctive look and the user a great secondary deployment option. Flipper tabs and thumb cutouts are two ways that widen a knife, but the 605’s blade buries deeply into the handle, ensuring that this little knife will retain a narrow profile for pocket carry.

We Knife Co., Model 605

When we spoke to them in May, We Knife Co. promised 20 new models a year. They are well on their way to delivering on that promise. The 605 is their fifth model releasing in 2016. We Knife Co. General Manager Joe Cheung says that We Knife Co. is keeping their nose to the grindstone for the remainder of 2016 and beyond. “We’re keeping busy these days, working hard on producing models and also working on new designs.” Cheung, who designs knives himself and is responsible for the We 604, told us that We Knife Co. will have a huge presence at IWA 2017 in Germany, and is in talks to secure more space at the next SHOT Show.

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Cheung is committed to giving his customers a wide variety of options. We Knife Co.’s first model, the 601, is available in 15 different finishes, and they are giving the 605 a similar treatment. Users have the choice of blackened flats or primary grinds, and the 605’s titanium handle scales come in five different anodized finishes: blue, purple, white, green, and black.

The next run of the We Knife Co. 605 is already on its way to dealers. The knife is expected to retail for $285.

Knife featured in image: We Knife 605