We Knife 803 Rectifier Billed as a Super Thin Slicer

WE Knife Co. hopes to cater to those in search of a lightweight, high-performance slicer with their incoming 803 Rectifier model. The new release sports a sub-3-inch cutting edge and the thinnest-ever blade stock on a WE Knife Co. model.

The 803 comes equipped with a 2.95-inch S35VN blade hollow ground from .1-inch stock. The titanium frame lock flipper weighs just 2.75 ounces – a significant drop over the Valiant, one of WE’s other recent sub 3-inch blades. YouTuber Zelrick works closely with WE as their US Representative and has talked about the company’s drive to target the sub 3-inch market before. He says the Rectifier falls in line with this strategy. “[It] is, for WE’s middle line, the first knife that has a blade of less than 3 inches and thin, slicey blade stock, as well as coming in at a price between the full Ti models and the G10/D2 models.”

WE emphasized that thin stock with a dramatic hollow grind to maximize the Rectifier’s performance in light-to-medium EDC cutting chores. “The Rectifier’s thin blade stock, deep belly, hollow grind and comfortable handle make it an excellent general utility EDC blade, capable of tackling any task from slicing an apple to processing yards of cardboard,” Zelrick says. He also points out that despite its utilitarian look, those who delve deeper will discover some classic WE Knife Co. flourishes. “Just like WE’s more expensive knives, the hardware, pocket clip and backspacer are all in-house machined titanium.”

WE 803

He goes on to explain that ever since the release of the Ignition model last year, fans have been asking for a similar design with upgraded steel and standard Torx hardware. The Rectifier fits this niche, blurring the line between WE’s higher-end offerings and its more economical products. “[It] delivers with the same build style, titanium Torx screws and S35VN steel in a package that is legal almost everywhere in the United States,” Zelrick says.

WE’s recent products emphasized use-oriented designs and materials. With some exceptions, they have more restrained looks compared to the WE products of yore. “WE strives to serve the customer, and they have asked for more standard designs while maintaining the WE quality and smooth actions that we have all come to expect,” Zelrick tells us. “The Rectifier delivers while also retaining some WE design flair, with the blade hole and artfully swedged blade.” He also notes that fans of the more ornate designs, as well as the collaboration work, should keep an eye open later this year. “WE has plenty of upscale designs and collaborations on the way for 2018, as well.”

The Rectifier is expected to arrive at dealers next week for an MSRP of $170.

Knife featured in image: WE Knife Co. 803 Rectifier

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