WE Knife Co. Cultivating European Talent

We Knife Co. is targeting its European audience with two new releases, the Ferox and the Wasabi. These blades come with an international pedigree and target the hard use and sleek modern folder styles.

Designed by Netherlander Gudy Van Poppel of POPL-Custom, the Ferox goes big and bold. The 7.25 oz. blade is among the heaviest WE folders, going for broke on size and toughness by design. “The features are all well thought over by Gudy,” says Henk Hakvoort, WE’s European Representative. “It’s meant as a tactical hard use knife.” WE Knives typically feature an easy frame lock disengagement, but the Ferox’s 3.6-inch M390 blade is secured by a beefier-than-usual lock bar. “The lock bar is pretty stiff compared to most folding knives. This is caused by leaving the lock bar thicker at the cutout area.”

We Knife Company Ferox

Users will maintain control over the sweeping drop point of the Ferox with a sizable and comfortable handle. It has been left with a working finish so users won’t be bothered by dings and scratches during cutting jobs. “[It] is really hand-filling with great ergos,” Hakvoort notes. “We have lightened it a little bit by milling out some pockets on the inside as a kind of compromise to the user.”

The other half of the latest WE duo is the elegant, streamlined Wasabi. Polish designer Rafal Brzeski of BRR Knives drew up a thin but sizable slicer. “The knife gives the impression of a gentleman’s folder but is pretty large, though very lightweight,” Hakvoort explains. Brzeski’s knife comes in with a nearly 4-inch wharncliffe blade, complimented by a relatively svelte 4.03 oz. weight. Like the Ferox, the Wasabi also has M390 blade steel, and here it’s accentuated with some subdued but stylish grindwork. “I think this will speak to a lot of people who don’t like knives with a tactical appearance. But the knife is very capable also,” Hakvoort says.

We Knife Company Wasabi

He goes on to tell us that the back-to-back releases of European designs is not a coincidence. WE has cultivated a strong reputation in North America, but wants to develop a global appeal. “The reputation in Europe in general is pretty good, though still not all knife buyers are aware of the brand,” says Hakvoort. In particular, French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and Bulgarian audiences need to be courted. “We are working on this issue by doing more collaborations with European makers from different countries. There will be some surprising collaborations in the near future with European makers.” He says we can expect designs to flow in from Germany, Poland, and more as the year goes on.

Both the Ferox and the Wasabi will carry an MSRP of $348. They are expected to release in the U.S. in June.

Knife featured in image: WE Knife Wasabi