We’s Latest Releases Include Brad Zinker Collaboration

We Knife Co. is back with another slew of new products. The company’s first collaboration with Brad Zinker headlines, and another Civivi release expands the budget-friendly lineup’s options as well.


The Miscreant is classic Zinker: a long, slender handle with matching circular cutouts on both the show and locking side scales. Handle material is of course titanium, and the cutouts have been given an interior chamfer, which may allow them to function as locating points for the fingers during certain types of cuts. The off-side scale functions as the frame lock, capped with We’s usual stainless steel interface.

A large S35VN drop point runs to 4 inches in length, and opens by way of a flipper tab and ceramic ball bearing pivot. However, despite the large knife blade size, the Miscreant falls without question into a small knife weight class: thanks to Zinker’s spare design and the extensive skeletonization the Miscreant weighs a mere 2.76 ounces. A linear, slender sculpted clip and corner-located lanyard hole round out the feature list on this latest release.


What’s new from Civivi? The friendly-looking, EDC-ready Elementum. The cutting edge on the knife comes in just under 3 inches, with a bulbous, hollow ground drop point blade shape. For steel we are once again seeing the Civivi line D2, and a flipper for deployment – albeit with steel, rather than ceramic, bearings for the pivot here.

The Elementum’s letterboxed handle is comprised of stainless steel liners (the off-side one being a locking leaf) and an onlay on top: users will be able to choose from either G-10, rosewood, or ebony wood for the onlay material. On any version the weight comes in under 3 oz.

The Miscreant is expected to arrive with a $233.75 price tag. Prices on the Elementum range from $50-$60 dollars depending on which version a user chooses. Both the Miscreant and the Elementum are arriving in the coming weeks.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Miscreant