WESN Goods Targets Big Audience with Tiny Frame Lock Flipper

WESN Goods is finalizing the game plan for its first release, the small and affordable WESN flipper. The burgeoning knife maker targets EDC fans and the mainstream consumer with this affordable titanium flipper knife.

The concept of a tiny flipper isn’t new. Rike released the Mini earlier this year, and MecArmy turned heads with its EK33 Flipper. But these knives sit in a high-end knife price bracket that is inaccessible to the average user.

Affordable micro flippers often suffer regarding materials or quality. According to WESN Founder Billy Chester, both delivering a high-performance knife and hitting an entry-level price point were paramount. “I wanted something worth every penny of the cost, and not a cent too expensive,” he says.

WESN Tiny Flipper

An everyman approach dictates every aspect of the WESN flipper. Designed to be a true EDC, its overall length is just 3.75 inches and it weighs about one ounce. The 1.5 AUS-8 cutting edge is widely legal and inoffensive, even in many urban environments. “This is a knife that can go anywhere,” Chester says. And with a projected price of $50, the WESN flipper can be purchased by just about anybody too, inside and outside the knife community. “My hope is that the WESN will cater to both audiences,” Chester says.


The simple, spare design of the WESN makes it a perfect platform for variations, one-offs, and dealer exclusives in the future. Urban EDC Supply is already working on a version for its storefront, and other knife community stalwarts could follow. “I’ve been talking to several different retailers about doing one-offs, as well as some limited special editions,” Chester tells us. The price and wide potential appeal of the WESN also attracted massive outdoor retailer Cabela’s. The knife is slated to appear in locations across WESN’s home state of Michigan and, if it proves successful, nationwide distribution could follow.

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Chester tells us the first step will be to fund an initial full production WESN run through Kickstarter. The project will offer backers a chance to hop in on an even lower early bird price. Once it is established in the market, other knives will follow. ‘I’ve already been inspired to start dreaming up products to accompany the WESN,” Chester says. “I never planned to only make one knife.”

Knife featured in image: WESN Flipper