What Happened to Steel Will’s Ant-Lock?

Steel Will Knives brought out a concentrated offering of new models for SHOT Show 2018. The new knives piggyback on the huge success of 2017’s Cutjack, but questions remain regarding their ‘Ant-Lock’ mechanism.

Steel Will Knives fans have been asking, “Where is the Ant-Lock?” The company first revealed the new locking mechanism in January of last year and said they had major plans for it. They followed that up with reveals of new Ant-Lock models at SHOT Show one year ago. But we have yet to see a single release with an Ant-Lock, and at their SHOT Show 2018 booth, the new mechanism was nowhere to be seen.

Steel Will’s Polina Borukhovich explains why Ant-Lock plans have changed. “We’re not going to use the Ant-Lock on most Steel Will folders, as we’d like to take advantage of different ideas,” she says. However, the Ant-Lock hasn’t become vaporware just yet. Steel Will expects to have an update on it somewhere in the middle of the year. “Getting a completely new development into mass production takes a considerable amount of time.”

So what did Steel Will bring to SHOT Show 2018? The new Intrigue series headlined, debuting in two different sizes. The company rolled out a compact 3.27-inch model and a full-size 3.6-inch version. Both sizes utilize flipper tabs and draw the eye with a slim, sinuous handle and complimentary blade profile.

In keeping with the strategy first implemented with the Cutjack, the Intrigue hits shelves in both a high-value and high-end configuration. “The Modus and the Cutjack series have proved their expected success,” says Borukhovich. Both budget Intrigues carry D2 steel and FRN handle scales. In premium trim, the full size comes in G-10, while the compact sports carbon fiber for an ultra lightweight carry. Both premium varieties are outfitted with M390 steel.

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Steel Will is betting big on the Intrigue but that isn’t all they brought to the table. The new Resident folder goes for two different but nearly equal configurations instead of a strict budget/premium setup. It can be had as an aluminum/liner lock or a CF/titanium frame lock, but either option utilizes the same D2 steel. Finally, the Tenet rounds out Steel Will’s new for 2018 lineup. The Tenet is a mid-size flipper available in a single D2 and G-10 setup.

Knife featured in image: Steel Will Knives Intrigue