What is the Most You Would Spend on a Folder? SURVEY RESULTS

KnifeNews Ultimate Folder Survey Results Part 4: Price?
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What is the most you would consider spending on a folder? That was one of the questions we asked in our Ultimate Folder Survey taken in November. 41% of respondents said between $101 and $250 was the highest they would go while 27% of respondents pegged $251-$500 as their ceiling.

The results seem to fit with an observation David Fee, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Benchmade Knife Company made 2 years ago. “Right now, many brands that are priced below $70 are seeing flat sales, whereas the $100 to $300 range is exploding,” Fee told SGI Weekly Intelligence at the time. “There’s been a shift in the market.”

Part of what may be driving our willingness to sink more into a knife in recent years is that a strong secondary market has been established. In today’s market, if you need cash, Forums and Social Media make it easy to resell knives and get paid via PayPal – often on the same day. And, unlike the depreciation most car buyers experience, a collector’s market for certain knives exists where prices have historically risen.

YouTuber TheApostleP has another theory.  “It’s the progressive nature of the knife collecting disease,” he says in this video. Knife People may follow the same trajectory TheApostleP suggests, moving from budget knives to mid-priced knives, up and up in price as our interest deepens and we develop a taste for higher quality blades.


Price for Folding Knife

Knife featured in image: Reate Knives Horizon-Ti Frame Lock