White River Shrinks Down Firecraft Pattern for Latest Release

White River Knife and Tool just brought out the latest addition to the Firecraft series, the FC 3.5. The compact fixed blade takes its place as the smallest Firecraft model in a line of products designed for outdoor survival.

With a blade length of just 3.5-inches, the FC 3.5 is only slightly larger than a mid-size folder. Thought White River scaled down everything compared to previous Firecraft knives but made sure to carry the broad all-purpose drop point seen on the FC 3.5’s beefier predecessors. This translation carries through to the inclusion of a spot for striking ferro rods. According to White River’s Founder John Cammenga Sr., the company expects the FC 3.5 to remain the smallest model in the lineup. He says it strikes the perfect balance between size and capability. “It was purpose-designed as a compliment to the larger knives in our FIRECRAFT series. After the knife was made, it became apparent hunters appreciate the knife too, even if they are not involved with wilderness camping or bushcraft. We realized it was a terrific, stand-alone hunting/skinning knife as well.”

The FC 3.5 also tweaks the standard Firecraft handle, both giving and taking away. The bow divot seen on the larger models got culled, but White River tweaked the ergonomics by adding a finger ring on the butt end of the knife. Typically, rings like this mean “karambit,” but according to Cammenga the FC 3.5’s ring goes beyond that to serve other, non-tactical functions as well. “[It] makes it easy to remove the knife from its sheath in any position using just one finger even if gloved. It’s primarily for ease of drawing the knife, but it could be used to hang the knife on a nail in a camp kitchen, et cetera. And of course could be used as a karambit.” Additionally, users who don’t want to get the G-10 scales for their FC 3.5 can anchor paracord through the loop to make a handle wrap.

White River FC3.5 & FC7

A common practice among outdoorsmen is to carry a smaller companion knife along with a larger blade. In cases where the FC 3.5 won’t cut it by itself, its Kydex sheath attaches to those of the larger FC 7 model. “[It] is designed to be attached to the 7-inch Firecraft survival knife sheath to create a true multi-knife piggyback kit,” Cammenga explains. “The 7-inch for hard and heavier cutting, the 3.5 for light and more delicate work.”

A smaller knife brings another benefit as well. The FC 3.5 will hit a sub-$200 price point – a claim no other Firecraft models has made before. It will also be available in a package with the FC 7 if users want to opt for the whole package immediately.

Knife featured in image: White River Knife and Tool FC 3.5

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