Work Sharp Expands Precision Adjust with Elite Upgrade

Work Sharp just released a big upgrade to the Precision Adjust, their smash hit sharpening system from last year. Available as an all-in-one package or an upgrade kit if you already own the base model, the elite upgrade fleshes out the Precision Adjust’s capabilities on both the coarse and fine ends of the sharpening spectrum.

The Precision Adjust technically released in 2020, but unless you were an early adopter, you probably weren’t able to get your hands on one until after the new year. It was an unqualified success for Work Sharp, intuitive and simple for the layman, but capable of advanced care for enthusiasts too. If you’re not familiar with how the Precision Adjust works, here’s our write-up from February:

Users begin by situating their knife in the clamp on the base of the Precision Adjust. A notch cut into the clamp locates the spine of the knife, while the actual jaws are tightened down onto the surface of the blade; together, these ensure that the knife blade is in the same place in relation to the sharpening arm, every single time it is used.

The jig above it allows the rotating, three-sided abrasive rod to move freely over the knife’s edge, while keeping the angle absolutely consistent. This manual sharpener works by laying the rod against the edge and moving it across in a consistent, steady motion; once one side is done, users simply press a button on the back of the Precision Adjust to rotate the clamp arm in place, knife and all, 180 degrees, so that the other side of the edge is facing up (for longer blades whose handles might hit the table during turning, the clamp arm can be removed entirely and reattached).

The new stones expand the range of the Precision Adjust

The standard model (which is still available) comes with a single Tri-Abrasive rod, equipped with 320- and 600-grit stones and a ceramic hone. If there was an obvious way to improve on the Precision Adjust, it would be to add more stone options, and that’s just what Work Sharp have done with the Elite package. The actual device remains the same, but comes with two Tri-Abrasive rods: a coarse one with the same 320-stone as well as a 220- and 400-grit sides, and a fine rod with the 600-grit stone, an 800-grit stone for refining that edge further, and the ceramic hone. The Elite also comes a leather strop arm and a carrying case to store everything neatly. And if you already have the Precision Adjust, no worries: Work Sharp also released an upgrade kit, which gives you a full set of replacement rods (to account for the rejiggered configurations), the hone arm, and the case to go along with them.

Both the Precision Adjust Elite and the Upgrade Kit are available now.

Featured Image: Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite