The Work Sharp Precision Adjust is Designed for Everyone

Presented by: Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners

Work Sharp’s latest sharpener, the Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener, has been a hot commodity. Its initial release and subsequent restocks were met with feeding frenzies each time. Now, stock is finally expected to be able to meet demand, so it’s a good time to familiarize yourself with what makes the Precision Adjust stand out, both in Work Sharp’s lineup and in the larger sharpening world.

The key to the Precision Adjust’s appeal is how it blends accessibility with enthusiast-level capability. It strikes a balance between breezy, entry-level products like the Guided Field Sharpener, and advanced options like their classic Knife & Tool Sharpener and its Ken Onion variant. That means you get something with an intuitive setup and foolproof action, but with enough horsepower to please hardcore users.

Users begin by situating their knife in the clamp on the base of the Precision Adjust. A notch cut into the clamp locates the spine of the knife, while the actual jaws are tightened down onto the surface of the blade; together, these ensure that the knife blade is in the same place in relation to the sharpening arm, every single time it is used.

The jig above it allows the rotating, three-sided abrasive rod to move freely over the knife’s edge, while keeping the angle absolutely consistent. This manual sharpener works by laying the rod against the edge and moving it across in a consistent, steady motion; once one side is done, users simply press a button on the back of the Precision Adjust to rotate the clamp arm in place, knife and all, 180 degrees, so that the other side of the edge is facing up (for longer blades whose handles might hit the table during turning, the clamp arm can be removed entirely and reattached).

Naturally, each side of the abrasive rod provides a different grit: 320 and 600 diamond grits, and a fine ceramic hone on the third side. The flexibility here allows for everything from fixing a completely wrecked edge, to simply honing a knife after a day of hard work. The sharpening angle can also be adjusted to anywhere between 15 and 30 degrees; thus, the Precision Adjust can handle a kitchen knife just as well as a hard use folder.

These elements combine to create a sharpening solution designed for all knife users – all for well under $100. And really, the Precision Adjust is part of a concentrated effort on Work Sharp’s part to be a comprehensive compendium on sharpening in general. “Not only will we continue to offer exciting new sharpeners but here at Work Sharp, we plan on becoming the best available resource when it comes to the subject of knife sharpening,” says Work Sharp’s Kyle Owens. “Whether you use a Work Sharp or any other sharpener, we’re here to help and remove any hesitancy someone might have before sharpening their own knife.”

To that end, Work Sharp created the Workshop, a weekly YouTube video series discussing different sharpening-related topics; a pair of videos on the Precision Adjust provide a great overview of the system and highlight a few tips and tricks once users get their sea legs. You can check out the first one below:

The Precision Adjust stock is finally catching up, with the knife available through several different channels, including Sharpening Supplies.

Featured Image: Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener