Work Sharp Precision Adjust Goes Pro

Work Sharp is building on the success of its Precision Adjust Sharpener today with the first production run of the new Professional Precision Adjust. This third variation expands and refines the capabilities established by the original Precision Adjust and the Elite followup.

Released in 2020, the Precision Adjust was designed by Steve Baker, a longtime Work Sharp employee and now Production Line Manager for the company, who spent hours immersed in research and prototyping to create it. In the interview linked above Baker described the Precision Adjust as an attempt to innovate on the rod and clamp sharpener genre (which has been around for many years) in a way that spoke to both enthusiasts and more general users – a spot in the market that Work Sharp often aims for. The original Precision Adjust sold out almost immediately and, the following year, Work Sharp followed it up with the Precision Adjust Elite, which added more grit options and a strop component.

The separate stones all fit into the same sharpening arm

Now the Professional Precision Adjust takes things even further. At its heart there’s the same clamp and rod setup previous Precision Adjust owners will be used to, with the V-clamp that can rotate in its jig without needing to take the knife out first. The entire gamut of Precision adjust sharpening stones are included, ranging from 220 to 800 grit, as well as a ceramic rod arm for dealing with serrations and a double-sided strop. These stones slot into the magnetic arm, which passes over the knife edge at a consistent angle that is set with a knob on the top of the frame.

A new inclusion with the Professional is the small knife frame attachment, designed for tiny sharpening jobs. Just like the main sharpening frame, the small knife attachment can work edges anywhere from 15 to 30 degrees. Also new to the Professional is an inclinometer which gives a digital readout of the edge in real time. The upright portion of the Professional’s frame is made of metal rather than plastic, and an included table clamp keeps everything where you want it no matter how intense the sharpening gets.

The Professional Precision Adjust went live today, although there have been issues with the website due to demand. Even after the first production run sells through, you can sign up for notification when the next batch goes up.

Featured Image: Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust

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