ZT & Buck Announcements Ahead of Black Friday

Today, there were announcements made about two important knives.  One is a cutting-edge tactical folder; the other, an update to one of the most popular folding knives of all time.

Zero Tolerance announced that the latest Rick Hinderer-designed 0392BRNGLD will be available for purchase on their website on Tuesday, December 1st at 6:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time.  The design is similar to Hinderer’s own custom flipper, the Eklipse.  But the ZT 0392BRNGLD has bearings, full titanium scales, gold anodized hardware, and a two-tone Bowie blade instead of Hinderer’s tanto.  Based on past sales of ZT limited editions, this knife is expected to sell out in a matter of minutes. If you want a chance at scoring one, you can set up an account with ZT in advance, here. 

For the first time in its over 50-year history, Buck Knives is offering a version of the iconic Buck 110 with a drop point blade.  Previously, the configuration was only available in limited runs. If you want a 110 with more strength at the tip that a drop point blade delivers, the knife can now be purchased in Buck’s Custom shop, where you can configure the knife to your specifications.

Both of these knives are only available for purchase directly from the manufacturers, and won’t be appearing in stores any time soon.

Knives Featured in Image: Buck 110 w/ Drop Point Blade, ZT 0392BRNGLD


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