Zero Tolerance: We Won’t Break the Internet This Time

The demand for Limited Edition or ‘Exclusive’ knives can be the internet equivalent of Black Friday shoppers stampeding over one another to get their hands on the last available TV set. A perfect example is what happened to Zero Tolerance in 2014 when the brand first offered direct to consumer sales of their Limited Edition knives from their website.

When the highly-anticipated ZT 0454, designed by Belarusian knife maker Dmitry Sinkevitch went on sale, the demand for the knife (and on ZT’s servers) was overwhelming – there were crashes, bugs, and many didn’t get the knife they had envisioned would soon be coming.

Demand for the ZT 0454 crashed Zero Tolerance's servers

Demand for the ZT 0454 crashed Zero Tolerance’s servers

In response, ZT allowed its next Limited Edition knife, the Rick-Hinderer designed 0392, to be sold at just four select online dealers to help “spread out” the traffic.

It’s easy to see why the these knives are so desirable – not only are they exclusive designs made in very limited production runs, but Zero Tolerance flexes their manufacturing muscles to make them. Even compared to ZT’s already high production standards, their Limited Edition knives are impressive. ZT employs rarely used materials like copper-welded composite blades and uses advanced technology like 3D machining to make the knives.

According to Thomas Welk, ZT’s Director of Sales and Marketing, when a Limited Edition blade is particularly challenging to make, “there can be fall out, complications, and some knives in the run can even be scrapped entirely.” So, the limited runs get even smaller because of ZT’s rigorous quality control.

And when knife people know that only a certain number of knives will be made and will ever exist – they go from ‘nice to have’ to a ‘need to have’ in our collections. After all, knife people are hard-wired to go after what is in short supply.

Adding to the complications, profiteers known as ‘flippers’ are buying these knives to resell at inflated prices on the after market. Even today, there is a 0888 listed on eBay for $2,250 – $1,750 more than the original $500 MSRP.

ZT recently announced the return of direct sales of their Limited Edition knives off their web-site. “Many months, a new server, lots of coding, and plenty of testing later, we think we’ve got it licked” says Zero Tolerance. They’ve optimized the ordering process to give everyone waiting in line a fair shot at the knives, according to the company.

If you want a chance at a Limited Edition ZT, register at the Zero Tolerance website and keep your finger on that refresh button.

Limited Edition ZT 0999 Coming in 2016

Limited Edition ZT 0999 Coming in 2016

Limited Edition ZT 0606CF Coming in 2016

Limited Edition ZT 0606CF Coming in 2016

Limited Edition ZT 0392WC Coming in 2016

Limited Edition ZT 0392WC Coming in 2016

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