112 Ranger Sport Stars in Photo Finish Buck of the Month

If you are a follower of the Buck of the Month releases, take note: the special September variation of the 112 Ranger Sport dropped during the last full week of the month, barely making its calendrical deadline. This 112 Ranger Sport focuses on cosmetic differences with an all-black color scheme all the way down to the hardware.

When Buck turned to its two most famous folders, the 110 and 112, for a series of modern variations, it was big news in the production knife scene. The original versions were and are still beloved, but the addition of a handful of modern features – thumb stud, pocket clip, more weight-conscious tweaks – created a new flavor of these classics that complimented, rather than replaced, the venerable originals. These fresh renditions of enduring favorites opened the door for a more adventurous Buck in general, and that’s the shape we see the company in today: still very much adhering to its traditional products but also branching out and exploring trendier concepts like flippers and current gen super steels.

Dual Thumb studs mean the 112 Ranger Sport is totally ambidextrous

As mentioned above, this Buck of the Month is strictly a cosmetic variant. The headline feature is the total blackout color scheme, with a Cerakoted blade, black G-10 scales, black clip, and black anodized aluminum frame and bolsters. The emphasis on visual rather than performance-oriented improvements does play into the fundamental collectible nature of the BotM, but the September 112 can certainly function off the shelf. Based on the Sport model, it comes with S30V steel, a truly time-tested former super steel that delivers plenty of cutting punch for the price.

The 112, in its various guises, is a frequent guest in the Buck of the Month lineup. Earlier this year we saw a BotM take on the classic 112 Ranger, with carbon fiber scales and an S35VN blade.

Knife in Featured Image: September 2022 Buck of the Month 112 Ranger Sport

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