Spyderco Reveal 11: New Blade Shapes, Steels, and More

Spyderco Reveal 11 has arrived, bringing with it a slew of new models to look forward to this fall. The tight, eclectic lineup sees some interesting developments, sequels, and sprints.


Here comes a sequel to 2020’s RockJumper model, a folding knife aimed squarely at climbers. It had a wharncliffe blade with a length of just over 3 inches. As the name indicates the LeafJumper swaps out the wharnie (which makes a return elsewhere in Reveal 11) for a good ol’ fashioned Spyderco-style leaf shape.

Lil’ Native Wharnie

Meanwhile, the Lil’ Native is making a switch in the other direction, with a new version that trades in the leaf blade for a 2.44-inch wharncliffe. Blade shape is different, but the rest of this version hews quite closely to the OG Lil’ Native. There’s the curvy G-10 scales, Compression Lock, S30V steel, and reversible pocket clip.

Lil’ Temperance 3 Lightweight

Speaking of knives with the “Lil” designation, this reveal sees the return of a much-loved mini model from Spyderco’s deep backlog, the Lil’ Temperance 3. This model ditches the G-10 scales of the previous Lil’ Temperance 3 for the bi-directional texturing FRN on Spyderco’s core lineup. It’s just a tad lighter than the G-10 model and comes with VG-10 blade steel instead of S30V.

Ambitious Lightweight S35VN

Here’s a line extension you knew was coming. Spyderco has been slowly rolling out versions of its Value Folder series with blue FRN and S35VN blade steel; at long last the collection is complete with the arrival of the S35VN Ambitious.

Stretch 2 XL G-10

The first Stretch 2 XL came out at the beginning of the year, one of the new models in Reveal 9. Now there’s a G-10 variant on the way, with a cool gray coloration that, if you know your Spyderco color schemes, you’ll know means the blade steel here is hard-working CPM-CruWear.

Sprint Runs

We’ve got three limited edition Sprints to cover in Reveal 11 too. First up is a Manix 2 with CPM-15V blade steel. Spyderco touts this as the highest wear resistance cold work tool steel on the market; this particular batch of blades also sports a special heat treat from Shawn Houston to compliment the high-octane steel.

Designed by Lance Clinton, the original Spyderco Siren came with G-10 scales and an appropriately rustproof LC200N blade steel. This Sprint Siren forgoes the marine-centric materials for something more straightforwardly premium: carbon fiber scales and S90V blade steel.

The SpyOpera has always been a classy little knife but this SpyOpera Sprint could arguably be considered even classier. Contoured carbon fiber scales and a Damasteel blade replace the standard production materials to make this little gent’s folder really sing.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco LeafJumper

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