Limited Edition ZT Release Brings Back Discontinued Sinkevich Design

Zero Tolerance news has been pretty scant this year, but one event of note in September was the release of the latest Factory Special Series model. This one revives a discontinued Dmitry Sinkevich design, the 0460, dressing it up a bit compared to standard, now unavailable original.

The ZT 0460 originally released in 2017. It was part of the Dmitry Sinkevich/ZT collab blitz, dropping alongside models like the 0456 and 0450. In some ways the 0460 is an extension of the latter, still EDC-oriented but with the curves emphasized and blade length moved up to 3.25 inches. The knife burned bright but briefly, and has since been discontinued – although its legacy lives on in the form of the 0462, which is an even larger version of the same basic design.

The FSS 0460 really combines elements of the two flavors of the model that were available when it was an active product: the full ti version and the carbon fiber front scale version. From the full titanium 0460 it takes its blade steel, which is CPM-20CV. This super steel has become a lot more commonly seen than it was a few years ago, and is an obvious choice for a premium EDC knife. But instead of full ti scales front and back, the FSS 0460 incorporates a carbon fiber front scale like the other production model; although here the CF is a distinctive red/black checkered variety rather than the standard monochrome. The titanium off-side scale has a blackwash finish, and the hardware and blade are also black DLC coated to match.

The FSS debuted a week ago but is still available with dealers, if you’re interested in getting your hands on this now-unavailable Sinkevich model. As far as brand new models, we are still waiting; in a recent social media post ZT alluded to things having been slowed down by the pandemic, although they also said that they are always working on new stuff.

Knife in Featured Image: Zero Tolerance FSS 0460RDBW