16 Spyderco Models Still Due to Ship in 2017

If the Spyderco forums issued awards to its members, RamZar would be on the shortlist for MVP. This veteran contributor manages to do the impossible and keep on top of the Golden, CO company’s ever-changing release schedule. New additions, delays, sudden drops – somehow RamZar keeps track of it all, making his longstanding thread one of the most valuable on the website. We checked in with RamZar’s Release Schedule to see what blades Spyderco fans are still waiting for in 2017.

Spyderco dropped their 2017 catalog in December but added in some surprise releases at SHOT Show. More announcements followed with the mid-year product guide last month. The company has been making good progress on their ambitious lineup, but there are still a fair number of new models left to go. Not counting the numerous Sprint Runs and variations an additional 16 models are in the pipeline. Here’s what fans have to look forward to in the months to come:

Caribbean: The Caribbean knives were an eye-catching surprise at SHOT Show 2017. Part of the Salt Series, they will feature rustproof LC200N blade steel, bumblebee-color handles, and come in four configurations.

Spyderco Caribbean

Shaman: The Shaman is a upscaled Native, with a sizeable 3.6-inch blade and Compression Lock. Like most other Compression Lock models it is made in Spyderco’s Golden, CO facility.

Spyderco Shaman

Sliverax: The Sliverax was designed by Paul Alexander, the man behind the equally distinctive Ouroboros. It has a unique blade shape, slender profile, and features Spyderco’s proprietary Compression Lock.

Spyderco Sliverax

Hanan: The Spyderco Hanan brings Brad Southard’s custom compression lock flipper design to production. A svelte, classy knife, it features 3D contoured scales, titanium liners and bolsters, and the Compression Lock.

Spyderco Hanan

One-Eyed Jack: Designed by custom knife maker A.T. Barr, the small gentlemanly knife features card suits inlaid into polished white G-10 scales and intricate file work on the spine.

Spyderco One-Eyed Jack

Hundred Pacer: Inspired by a deadly Taiwanese viper whose venomous bite is said to kill a man before he can walk a hundred paces, Spyderco’s Hundred Pacer features layered two-tone G10 scales milled with a snakeskin-like texture and an inset liner lock. The wide flat-ground blade is upswept to resemble the characteristic nose of a deadly viper.

Spyderco Hundred Pacer

Darn Dao Flash Batch: As a follow-up to the recently released Lil’ Nilakka, Spyderco opted for a beastly fixed blade as their second one-time, limited run Flash Batch knife. The Darn Dao is based on the late Bob Lum’s interpretation of a Chinese Broadsword.

Spyderco Darn Dao

ATR 2: A long-awaited follow-up to an old favorite, the ATR 2 was first revealed in 2016. This hard-use knife incorporates some rarely-seen features like a skinner style blade and the Cobra Hood opener.

Chinook 4: Designer James Keating created a wicked blade for the Chinook 4 tactical folder. He based the nearly 4-inch blade off of the classic Bowie knife pattern.

Opus: Earlier this year Uli Hennicke told us he had big plans for 2017 and he continues to follow through with the Opus. The pistol grip handle is very ergonomic, and Spyderco’s well-known full-flat grind brings a high level of slicing performance.

Police 4: Many fans were eager for the Police series to get a new redesign. This enduring member of the Spyderco catalog gets an updated look and will feature unique K390 steel.

Dog Tag 4: Serge Pachenko’s Dog Tag folder gets another update. The super small favorite comes with new CTS-BD1 steel and a redesigned handle that now features a front scale.

Alcyone: The knife is the little brother to the recently-released Polestar. CTS-BD1 steel and a unique blue/gray G-10 help the Alcyone to stand out in Spyderco’s budget lineup.

Rhino: The Rhino was originally slated to be a budget-friendly folder, but due to production issues manufacturing responsibility has been moved to the Taichung Taiwan facility. Along with the change in facility comes a higher price point and material upgrades.

Lil’ Native: The Lil’ Native was a Blade Show reveal. As the name implies, the Lil’ Native is a smaller version of the favorite Spyderco folder. It will be available in three configurations: a lockback, slipjoint, and Compression Lock.

SpyderThrowers: Spyderco is entering the burgeoning knife throwing market and will be offering its flying blades in three sizes.

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Updates, Sprint Runs, and Line Extensions
The Salt Series of knives is slated for an upgrade in design this year, with new handles adapted from the Delica and Endura 4 models. Nine Sprint Runs are also in the works, including three that revive some discontinued favorites. The Jess Horn, Meerkat, and Caly 3 will be coming back in new configurations for collectors who missed these knives the first time around. Finally, the Military family of knives will continue to expand with left-handed and serrated edge configurations. The Para 3, in particular, is receiving some love with Maxamet and S110V versions for those who want the highest-performing incarnation of this popular new knife.

Knife featured in image: Spyderco Caribbean