Zero Tolerance and Kershaw: The 10 Knives Still Due for 2017

KAI-USA Ltd. brands Kershaw and Zero Tolerance debuted their 2017 line-up at SHOT Show in January, but the company doesn’t publicize release dates for new products. With nearly 30 new models hitting the market this year, it can be hard to keep track of the status of each one. Before we provide an overview of what’s still due to ship in 2017, here’s a list of knives that have already reached dealer shelves:


Zero Tolerance:

Launch 7

Kershaw has already shipped 15 new models with only 9 products left to go. Only one new ZT model remains to be shipped, but the company is keeping knife addicts‘ adrenaline pumping by leaving the most anticipated knife, the first GTC collaboration knife, as its final release of 2017.

Zero Tolerance:

0055: KAI gave KnifeNews readers a preview of the technical 0055 in early January. In addition to the compound grind tanto blade and titanium scales, a major selling point of the Gustavo T. Cecchini-designed 0055 is the SLT (Spring Loaded Tab) deployment method. A small inline flipper tab kicks off a spring-assisted mechanism that is unlike anything else out there.

Zero Tolerance 0055


Natrix: This knife is a budget-friendly version of the ZT 0777. But its wharncliffe blade and angular profile have generated publicity for more than just the masterful design. The knife sits at the center of an ongoing lawsuit between KAI and Microtech. Kershaw appears not to be backing down from marketing this model, displaying an additional five colors of the knife at Blade Show earlier in the month.

Kershaw Natrix

Barstow: Classic switchblades lines have been showing up on a lot of designs this year, and this is Kershaw’s spring-assisted take on the old patterns. The Barstow comes in a blackwash finish with blue anodized accents and has a GFN handle to keep the weight down.

Kershaw Barstow

Vedder: Kershaw went off script with the styling of the Vedder. Its G-10 overlay and steel frame sport a cratered look that is unique in the company’s lineup. The mid-size 3.25-inch wharncliffe blade has been given some unique cutouts for style and a run of jimping up top for function.

Kershaw Vedder

Deadline: The Matt Diskin-designed Deadline does a lot of things differently. It is a manual knife with KVT ball bearings – an unusual combination for a Kershaw model. Diskin’s tuned detent system also makes an appearance here, designed to offer a perfectly balanced flipper deployment.

Kershaw Deadline

CQC-10K: Geared for hunters, a big Bowie-style blade defines this Emerson collaboration. Based off of the Emerson Appalachian, the CQC-10K includes the signature Emerson wave opener and comes in an affordable package.

Kershaw CQC-10K

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CQC-11K: The CQC-11K features an oversized skinner blade for tactical and outdoor applications. Users can Wave the 3.5” blade open or deploy it with the ambidextrous thumb disk.

Kershaw CQC-11K

Agile: The latest Rick Hinderer/Kershaw collab scales down the Hinderer MP-1. Like the high-end original, the user can quickly swap out the Agile’s backspacer with more useful options: a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, or lanyard hole.

Kershaw Agile

Shuffle DIY: Kershaw’s Shuffle series gets another expansion with the DIY, a version of the stubby utility folder that comes with a bit driver and a jump ring. It comes in an all blacked-out finish to differentiate it from the rest of the colorful Shuffle lineup.

Kershaw Shuffle DIY

Emerson 3-Piece Cook’s Set: Emerson tactical folders are intended to serve more as weapons and less to prepare food, but Kershaw is expanding the brand into the kitchen. A paring knife, bread knife, and chef’s knife come together to make up this affordable set for the home chef.

Emerson 3-Piece Cook’s Set

Knife featured in image: Zero Tolerance 0055