Leatherman Emphasizes Practicality with New Line Extensions

Leatherman is aiming to grow its share of pocket time with extensions of two of their most popular lines. With fewer tools that are easier to carry, the new products continue the company’s recent emphasis on practicality over utility.  The new offerings are lighter and more affordable than Leatherman’s core lineup, but that comes at the expense of having fewer tools at hand.

When the original Skeletool debuted, it was one of the lightest, most EDCable multitools on the market. The KB and KBx are extensions of the Skeletool line distilling its design into more conventional pocket knife dimensions. “The products expand an already successful product group with a simpler knife offering,” explains Tim Lyden, Senior Category Manager at Leatherman.

Both KB models pack a 2.6-inch 420HC blade into a 1.3 oz. Aluminum frame. Users familiar with the Skeletool will recognize the identically-sized blade of the KB. Users can choose between the KB’s plain edge in black scales or the KBx’s combo edge in a choice of three colors.“We’re seeing trends in EDC pocket knives right now, featuring more unique looks, colors, handle materials and even knife blade qualities,” Lyden explains. Although Leatherman paints these tools as EDC knives first and foremost, as a nod to their DNA they incorporate the patented BottleClip bottle opener/pocket clip.

Skeletool KBX

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Alongside the Skeletool expansions come the Juice B2 and CS3. Lyden says these products adhere to the multitool format, even if the B2 exhibits a slipjoint-style look. “We approached the design of the Juice B2 from the perspective of building off a very popular and iconic multi-tool family, the Juice series.” The TSA-friendly CS3 incorporates scissors instead of a knife blade. A corkscrew and bottle/can opener round out the tool compliment. The package comes together at a weight of 1.4 oz., Leatherman’s lightest folding multitool.

Juice CS3 (left) and B2 (right)

What does the future hold for these new offerings? “We have some upcoming plans for future styles in this series and some additions to our bigger multitool families.”

Knife featured in image: Skeletool KBx