5 Predictions for Spyderco’s Discontinued for 2017 List

For new Spyderco knives to be born others must die. In October or early November, to make room for new models, Spyderco historically releases its list of knives to be discontinued for the new year. With the dreaded day on the horizon, here are our five guesses for models that might not be around to see 2017.

With the more subdued and affordable Rubicon 2 on the way, and the incoming Magnitude positioned as the high-end Peter Carey design in Spyderco’s lineup, the Rubicon is a likely candidate for the chopping block.

Spyderco Rubicon

Spyderco in-house designer Alexandru Diaconescu (Dialex)’s third effort stands out in a crowd. A small, stout, and flamboyant self-defense tool, the Battlestation is a polarizing design. Some who took a chance on the Battlestation love it, but its distinctive styling meant that it was never going to appeal to everybody.

Spyderco Battlestation

The Michael Burch Chubby debuted when Little Big Knives were all the rage, and it remains a unique offering for those still interested in the style. But as the market trends to bigger knives, the Chubby has fallen off many people’s radars. It’s a great knife and as close as most people will be able to get to a Michael Burch custom. If you’re a Burch fan who’s been on the fence about this little blade, now might be a good time to pick one up.

Spyderco Chubby

Sage 3
Although it is something we hope will never happen, there are reasons to believe the bolt action Sage’s days might be numbered. With the brand new Sage 5, sporting the popular Compression Lock now trickling out to dealers, the more rare bolt action version’s existence is in danger. The long-discontinued original blue G-10 Sage 3 is now a sought-after collector’s piece. Whether or not the CF Sage 3 suffers the same fate remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: this is a great knife with a hard-to-find lock that anyone looking for a mid-size EDC should snap-up.

Spyderco Sage 3

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A 4.5” Persian-style blade made of rare CPM 10V steel, all titanium construction, and a 6.2 oz. carry weight make this one of the biggest and boldest tactical knife designs to ever roll out of Spyderco’s Taichung facility. The Farid Mehr designed K2 is absolutely striking and a great collectors’ piece, but its massive size and aggressive lines target a much smaller segment of the market than other knives in the Spyderco catalog.

Spyderco D2

Knife featured in image: Spyderco Michael Burch Chubby