Spyderco Salt Series Will Add Two New Blades to the Fleet in 2017

Yesterday Spyderco revealed that it will be adding two new models to its Salt series for 2017. The lineup of rustproof maritime blades will see a second keychain knife join its ranks in the form of an H-1 Manbug. The Fish Hunter, a new fixed blade design, will be unveiled in Spyderco’s November 2016 catalog.

The Manbug is closely related to the popular Ladybug keychain knife. The main difference between the two is in the grind: the Ladybug is saber ground while the Manbug has a full flat grind. Like the Ladybug, the Manbug has no clip, sports a sub-2″ blade, and an ergonomic handle that does a lot with very little. The Ladybug has been a member of the Salt Series for years. It is available with a plain, serrated, or serrated hawkbill edge. Whether the H-1 Manbug will debut in multiple variations remains to be seen.

Few details are available on the Fish Hunter. The name suggests it might take cues from traditional trout knife designs. Fans have been asking for a knife like this for a long time. The Aqua Salt and Enuff Salt are the current fixed blade available in the Salt series.

Salt series knives are ideal for use in and around water, and have been steady sellers for Spyderco. The knives are especially popular with fishermen, boaters, and scuba divers. They’re also a great choice for landlubbers who just don’t want to have to worry about corrosion since most stainless steels are not immune from rust.

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New knives featuring H-1 should be good news to anybody who prizes corrosion resistance, but it’s not the only exotic steel seeing increased circulation. A sprint run Paramilitary 2 with CPM CRU-WEAR steel has also just been introduced and is already available for preorder.

Knife featured in image: Spyderco Salt Series – Ladybug H1 Hawkbill Blade