Microtech Cracks Down on Counterfeits, Invents New Pivot Assembly

Microtech is cracking down on counterfeits and according to the company, the measures are paying off. Microtech says recent work with United States Customs has resulted in multiple seizures of illegitimate product entering the USA. The company also announced a new production knife, the Stitch Auto, the first to host a patent pending pivot assembly that promises unparalleled durability.

Microtech Fights Counterfeiting on Multiple Fronts
As a maker of premium knives that are in high demand, Microtech is an attractive target for counterfeiters. Knock-off iterations of many popular models, including the Troodon, the DOC, and the HALO V, are rampant. “The quality of these unlawful reproductions does not meet the fit, finish, and reliability standards put forth by Microtech,” Microtech tells us.

Combating counterfeiting is an uphill battle for any brand and many companies accept the growing phenomenon as a cost of doing business. But instead of turning a blind eye, Microtech is fighting back on multiple fronts. Among the measures, the company reached out to U.S. Customs officials to furnish them with tools to help identify illegitimate product. As a result, the government agency seized multiple shipments in 2016. It’s a major victory for the company because it sends counterfeiters the painful message that pirating Microtech products could get expensive.

Proactive customer communications through email and blog posts has also been effective. “Alerting consumers to be wary of knives branded as Microtech that are sold by unauthorized vendors offers protection for our brand and our customers from these intellectual property infringements,” Microtech says. The company is also the first knife maker to implement a system that allows customers to verify the authenticity of a knife by scanning packaging bar-codes using the company’s app.

Stitch Auto & Its Patent Pending Pivot Assembly
Microtech also announced that it is preparing to release a production version of the Stitch Auto, a design collaboration between Anthony Marfione and Borka Blades. The production version translates the custom’s unmistakable look into a more widely available package. The Stitch Auto will sport a 3.75” wharncliffe blade made of CPM-3V steel, renowned for its toughness.

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A newly-invented hardened pivot assembly means the blade isn’t the only part of the Stitch that can take a beating. Microtech considers this patent-pending pivot assembly the strongest on any auto you can buy. “Microtech has built an ultimately superior automatic folder,” Microtech says.

Microtech has yet to name a price for the Stitch Auto but production of the knife is expected to start later in 2016.

Knife featured in image: Microtech Stitch Auto Prototype