500 Duke Folder Returns to Active Lineup for December Buck of the Month

The December Buck of the Month has arrived, right in the middle of the busiest shopping month of the year. It’s a dressed up version of one of the company’s dressier folders, the discontinued 500 Duke.

The Duke is one of several models in the 500 line, each with a title, rather than a mere name: Duke, Prince, Squire, Knight. These are locking knives like 110 Folding Hunter but, with smaller dimensions, they have a more distinct traditional knife heritage than their bigger, famous stablemate. The Duke is the biggest of the lot, with a blade length of 3 inches even; a near-ideal measurement for the modern EDCer.

Of course, as a Buck of the Month, this iteration of the Duke features further embellishments than the standard version. The blade is still a drop point, still measures 3 inches, and still opens with a nail mark – but the mark itself has been redrawn as an elongated French pull replacing the original’s crescent-shaped nick. S30V steel replaces the line-standard 420HC; Buck’s take on the latter generally gets higher marks than average 420HC recipe, thanks to their Paul Bos heat treat, but, even so, S30V is in another tier entirely, and it too comes with a Bos heat treat to heighten all of its good characteristics.

There’s a sheath included with the BotM Duke

The handle has been rejiggered a bit, too. The Buck of the Month Duke has only a single, forward bolster, instead of the front-and-back bolster configuration on the production model. This gives center stage to the exclusive black linen Micarta scales, really highlighting the interplay between their solid dark sections and lighter, ashy gray grain rings. There’s no clip on this (or any) Duke, but a leather belt sheath is included if you don’t want to carry it loose in the pocket.

The Buck of the Month 500 Duke is available now. It is limited to a scant 625 pieces so act with haste if this is one you want to add to your collection.

Knife in Featured Image: Buck Knives Buck of the Month 500 Duke

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