Kyle Lamb Drops First We Knife Co. Model This Month

Tis the season…..for new design collaborators, over at We Knife Co. Meet the RekkeR, a flipper knife with a ton of stage presence, drawn up by Kyle Lamb and backed up by We’s proven suite of high performance material choices.

Kyle Lamb works under the brand name Viking Tactics, which offers a variety of preparedness-oriented products including firearm accessories, slings, and, of course, knives. The blade shape on the RekkeR comes directly from Lamb’s Viking Tactics models; he’s worked with this upswept, reverse tanto shape on both fixed and folding projects – perhaps most notably on the Patriot folder, made for Viking Tactics by none other than Hogue Knives.

Here on the RekkeR, this reverse tanto is notably bigger, measuring an impressive but still manageable 3.6 inches. That’s a blade span capable of heavy work, but, thanks to the relatively narrow width, it doesn’t lose the maneuverability that helps with the smaller cutting chores that comprise a portion of any everyday carry scenario. In other words, the RekkeR can be whatever kind of knife you want it to be, and that omnicapable capacity is backed up by the presence of CPM-20CV blade steel. You know it, and, if you’ve used it before, you probably love it – with good reason, as 20CV is a sterling example of what modern powder metallurgy can achieve. It’s a high performing steel without any real drawbacks in a daily carry folding knife role.

The full suite of cosmetic options for the RekkeR

Accompanying We’s favorite steel is their favorite handle material, titanium. We’ve got full front and back titanium scales, with a frame lock cut into the off-side scale that’s capped with the requisite steel insert (when’s the last time there’s been a new titanium frame lock knife without one of these inserts?). The pocket clip is not reversible, but We is including a second, lefty-friendly clip with every RekkeR. The knife weighs 3.46 oz. and comes in several different finishes.

The RekkeR is releasing this week; We says to expect it on the 14th.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. RekkeR

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