7 Reasons Your Swiss Army Knife TOOTHPICK Went Missing

1. Someone you live with enjoys seeing you in a mild state of panic and laughs as you rummage through the house.

2. When your toothpick smelled ribs and corn on the BBQ, it decided to make a run for it.

3. All of the other tools used to laugh and call it names.

4. It likes money and hangs out with the change in the grooves of your couch and under your car seat.

5. An evil genius at Victorinox championed the idea of making the toothpicks ever so slightly smaller.

6. It misses the matching tweezers you already lost and went to go look for them.

7. It got offended you never used it.

If life without your swiss army knife toothpick is testing your sanity, Victorinox will sell you six replacements for $2.00. Victorinox sells quite a few commonly lost or broken parts for your swiss army knife, including scissor springs, tweezers, and replacement bits.

And, if you happen to have a 3D-printer you can print a replacement toothpick yourself.

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