Knife Stars of YouTube

If you type any knife term into search engines you’ll discover several YouTube videos on almost every conceivable knife and topic.  There are thousands of knife YouTubers who share their experiences and point of view for the benefit of the rest of us.  And, knife people say they are tapping into that knowledge.  73% of production knife enthusiasts told us they rely on YouTube as a source of knife related information, in a survey taken earlier in 2015 (not to be confused with the more recent Survey).

There are thousands of channels out there reporting on knives, but we wanted to take a closer look at the Knife Stars of YouTube.  This elite group of 10 have several things in common: engaging personalities, useful knowledge and/or strong opinions, consistency, dedication, and their own genuine voice or way of saying things. An early start doesn’t hurt either – all of these YouTubers have been churning out content for at least a few years and building up huge subscriber bases in the process.

Here’s a rundown of 10 Knife Stars of YouTube along with one of their recent or most popular videos:

10. virtuovice

35K Subscribers

This Japanese physician, deer hunter, sharpening guru, and fixed-blade collector comes in at number ten with a video showcasing a unique Japanese survival knife. Though English is obviously not his first language, virtuovice always manages to articulate himself with clarity and intelligence.

A Japanese Survival Knife

9. Cr0cket20

36K Subscribers

Cr0cket20 may be an experienced backpacker, outdoorsman, and gear reviewer, but his most popular video has him trying something he’d never done before: using the Spyderco Sharpmaker. SPOILER ALERT – it works.

Spyderco Sharpmaker – Is it Really That Easy?

8. JimSkeltonKnives

39K Subscribers

There’s really no other way to put this: Jim Skelton makes knife porn. His channel is filled with high-end custom knives, some pulled from his own collection and some visiting his tabletop from other collectors all over the world. Skelton has the sonorous voice of a radio pitchman. Here, he talks about Alexey Konygin’s incredible Decepticon-1 knife while showing it off in full-HD glory.
Custom Knife Factory Decepticon 1: Badassery in disguise

7. gideonstactical

40K Subscribers
Gideon’s Tactical doesn’t believe in safe queens. When he reviews a knife, he takes it out into the bush and puts it through its paces, showing the viewer exactly how the blade performs. The TOPS Knives Silent Hero impressed, but was it his pick for 2014 Survival knife of the year?

TOPS Knives Silent Hero: Best Survival Knife of 2014

6. Survival On Purpose

44K Subscribers

Can the contents of this sardine tin help you survive in an emergengy? Survival On Purpose walks us through the kit and delivers his surprising verdict.

Survival Kit In A Can Review – Survival Gear

5. WeAllJuggleKnives

68K Subscribers

WeAllJuggleKnives isn’t just interested in knives; he reviews and collects swords, machetes, axes, karambits, multitools, flashlights, and other gear. In this video, he skillfully demonstrates the wicked effectiveness of the Spyderco Civilian. Designed specifically for last-ditch self-defense applications, the recurved serrated blade zips through water bottles so effortlessly it leaves them still standing.

Spyderco Civilian, Bottle Extermination

4. The Late Boy Scout

110,000 Subscribers

The Late Boy Scout is a firearms, knife, and gear reviewer with a professional attitude. In this video, he takes a different approach to the traditional product review by looking at knives that he suggests avoiding for EDC applications.

Knives I’d Never Buy for EDC

3. PreparedMind101

125K Subscribers

Focusing on preparedness and wilderness survival, Chris Tanner of PM101 reviews guns, knives, and other gear. Recently, he branched out into knife design, working with Schrade Knives to manufacture a large chopper to his specifications. In this video, he takes one new out of the box (affectionately named ‘Jessica-X’), and shows off what it was meant to do.

Jessica-X/SCHF43: Tested Fresh From The Box

2. CutleryLover

330K Subscribers

CutleryLover is one of the longest-running knife channels on YouTube. In the seven years that he’s been making videos, CutleryLover aka Col. Jeff Smith has amassed quite a following sharing his collections, hobbies, zippo lighter tricks, and of course, knives. In this video, he talks us through one of his most interesting collections: unusual non-bladed weapons.

Legal Weapons Collection Update

1. nutnfancy

590K Subscribers

An ex-fighter pilot with a lifelong love of the outdoors, guns, motorcycles, and knives, Nutnfancy’s ‘feature-length’ gear reviews have served as an introduction to the knife world for many. His channel, which he refers to as “The Nutnfancy Project” (TNP for short), is a mixture of critique, enthusiasm, political philosophy, and plenty of acronyms. Most of Nutn’s most viewed videos are gun-related, but this popular video about his every day carry system from 2013 showcases just how many knives he’s managed to review over the years.

Nutnfancy EDC Update, 2013: Keepin’ it Real

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