A Second New Leatherman Multitool May Be on the Way

Leatherman’s official release of the Bond multitool earlier this month is making us wonder if the company will soon follow it up with the Curl, a multitool originally leaked alongside the Bond at the beginning of 2021. Like the Bond, the Curl bases its toolset off of an existing Leatherman multitool, with some tweaks to put it into its own niche.

Visually and in terms of functionality, the Curl brings to mind the original Wave. Released to be a do-all, budget-friendly multitool, the Wave was a smash hit; however, it has been replaced in the company’s current lineup by the Wave Plus, which brought some upgrades to the design alongside a bump-up in price. Just like the Wave, the Curl has a locking, one-hand opening main blade, alongside scissors, bottle/can opener, and large screwdriver arm with a removable bit. It doesn’t have the Wave’s slim driver arm, nor does it have the replaceable wirecutters of the Wave Plus, but it does come equipped with an awl, which neither Wave model has.

Although no MSRP has been given at this time, it seems safe to assume that the Curl is intended to fill the gap left by the discontinuation of the original Wave model. This means that its price point should come in below that of the Wave Plus.

The Curl has not been given a firm release date or even officially announced by Leatherman, but keen-eyed multitool fans spotted product pages for both the Curl and the Bond on Czech Republic Leatherman website. Both pages have since been taken down, but you can check out some analysis from YouTuber TX Tool Crib here. If the Curl is a riff on the original Wave, the Bond’s look echoed that of the original Pocket Survival Tool. Its blade was two-hand opening and non-locking, making it a good carry option for those living in areas with more strict knife laws.

Featured Image: Leatherman Curl