GEC #83 Tascosa Lockback Returns after Six Years

The latest Great Eastern Cutlery release is another returning model, this time one that hasn’t been available since 2015. The GEC #83 Tascosa Lockback is coming out in two separate batches, one under the Tidioute label, the other under Northfield UN-X-LD.

The Tascosa belongs to the smallish subset of locking GEC folding knives. It has a no-frills back lock mechanism, disengaged with a simple press on the exposed lever. It probably goes without saying, but the presence of a lock expands the 83’s capabilities compared to many of its non-locking relations; and the implementation of a lockback specifically, as opposed to a liner lock, also means that the 83 is completely ambidextrous.

Other than the locking mechanism, the 83 is a straight putt folding jack knife, The blade shape on this batch is a clip point, measuring 2.75 inches long. Besides the harder chores made doable by lockback’s aforementioned added muscle, those 83s that end up being used will mainly tackle the standard cutting tasks of everyday life. Some previous locking knives from GEC have been made 440C, but the 83 is being made from the company’s standard 1095 carbon, which holds an edge well, and is tougher and easier to sharpen compared to GEC’s stainless steel.

The standout feature on the 83’s handle is the finger ridge, located almost in the center of its bottom side, which divides the handle into front and back regions. The flared out butt end is reminiscent of that on the 71 Bullnose, a GEC of similar size that also got a fresh batch recently; and as on the Bullnose, the extra real estate in the back allows for a lanyard hole. The covers on the first 2021 batch of 83s is contoured bocote wood, but a second batch is planned with stag covers. The former version has a shield inlay and is part of GEC’s Tidioute brand; the latter will be released under the Northfield UN-X-LD line, and won’t have a shield inlay.

It almost doesn’t need to be said at this point, but as with virtually all recent GEC releases, the 83 is guaranteed to sell out quickly once it arrives with dealers. If you want to maximize your chances of getting one, start prowling GEC distributors’ websites next week. The knives are expected to be put up for sale soon.

Knife in Featured Image: GEC #83 Tascosa Lockback