Affordable KA-BAR Coypu Made for LE and Government Customers

KA-BAR has just unveiled a new budget knife, the Coypu. This latest blade incorporates additional rescue tool features on top of its sizable main blade.

“With any knife, the first question we ask is What purpose does it serve?,” says KA-BAR’s Joseph Bradley. He says that this particular knife, with its large size, tactical accouterments, and sub-$30 price tag, aims to satisfy the needs of first responders on the hunt for budget-friendly, hard-use tools.  “We have a lot of requests from a variety of LE and government employees for affordable folders, and the Coypu falls in line with their requests.” Designed as an ‘all-bases-covered’ folder for users on a budget, the Coypu brings a 3.75-inch drop point blade to bear, made from 8Cr15 steel. It secures in the open position with a liner lock, and weighs 7.2 oz.

The design team at KA-BAR also incorporated a seatbelt cutter and a glass breaker for rescue scenarios. Although the aforementioned LE and government consumers might reasonably expect to make use of them, Bradley notes that for the everyday user hoping to EDC the Coypu, they might be seen as appealing extra features rather than must-have components.“The glass breaker and seat belt cutter are nice accessory pieces on the Coypu that you will hopefully never have to use, but are there if you ever need them,” Bradley adds.

KA-BAR is best known for its non-folding products. “Fixed blades are our biggest strength,” Bradley acknowledges. But he tells us that the Orleans, NY company has seen success with budget-conscious folding knives for years. In recent years the Jarosz folders turned heads, and the Bob Dozier-designed Folding Hunter series has been a mainstay in users’ pockets for years. “The Dozier line really set the precedent for simple, affordable, rugged folders and the Coypu Folder follows that path.”

Before 2018, new folders from KA-BAR have been somewhat of a rarity, but in four months we’ve seen two new KA-BAR folding knives make their debut. Earlier this year it was the first-ever flipper knife from KA-BAR, the Mark 98, and now the Coypu has followed. Bradley confirmed that there will be more new product in a similar vein next month. “We plan on releasing a couple of folders in October. We have a number of products on the horizon and if we can’t get them to market by the end of October, we would most likely release at SHOT Show 2019.”

Knife featured in image: KA-BAR Coypu